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Novell Tullett understands the value of place to local people. We also believe that well designed landscape delivers on many levels, and its value far exceeds its cost. 

Our approach is always to seek cost effective strategies and to offer pragmatic solutions to our client. But we also strive for schemes that are rooted in their locality and that the local community endorse as their place.  We look for ways to support and enhance biodiversity, that protect our natural heritage and mitigate against environmental damage.  And the creation of successful schemes mean delivery of playful spaces that bring delight to all users.

how landscape assessment underpins design

Our expertise in visual and landscape assessment is part of our deep understanding of what makes landscape special, and how it is affected by development. 

Our assessment work, collaboration on Urban Living analysis (in Bristol) and wider evaluation of development in urban and rural environments gives us a well rounded sensitivity to the criteria that underpins successful schemes.  We understand how pedestrian space is the life blood of new development, how built scale and density impact on the pedestrian realm, and how critical planted open space is to the well being of those who live in towns and cities. 


Long hazy view over green fields with autumnal trees to distant village with blue sky overhead and wooden benches in the foreground

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