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landscape planning and assessment

Landscape is the space where places and people interact. Landscape planning requires an understanding of what people cherish about their environment – local character, history, views, culture, green space and nature, to name a few. With an appreciation of landscape issues ever higher on the public agenda, a carefully designed landscape is often the lynchpin to a successful application.

We can offer a range of reports which provide factual information, analysis, judgement and advice to help achieve a worthwhile and valuable landscape.

landscape planning and assessment projects

Landscape Technical Note: An illustrated pre-application evaluation of landscape issues and sensitivities which draws out a constructive approach for the development proposals and landscape design.  

Landscape/Townscape/Seascape Visual Impact Assessment and EIA: Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments accompany planning applications and provide expert analysis of the potential impact of a development on the character and views. It also provides a useful tool to minimise impacts and achieve a more life-enhancing design. We can lead an Environmental Impact Assessment for landscape sensitive projects or provide the landscape chapter in a wider development proposal.

Landscape Character Assessment: A wide-ranging study of a landscape from its broader geographic and geological characteristics, right down to the detail of its typical vegetation. This report captures the distinctive physical, sensual and cultural essence of a landscape, through mapping and detailed description.

Green Infrastructure Strategy: An illustrated analysis of existing green space provision, quality and accessibility.  Analysis identifies gaps in existing structure and areas for creation or enhancement. An integrated GI strategy supports levelling up, health and wellbeing, habitat creation and good places to live.

‘Green Gaps Study’ – landscape-based studies which identify the strategic green spaces in and around a settlement that should be retained to prevent coalescence, important for the identity of the place, for continuous habitat, for amenity and visual screening. These studies may also identify less sensitive sites with potential for local housing.

Landscape evidence to neighbourhood plans – evaluation of parish-wide open space and village structure to support neighbourhood plan preparation. Helps secure open space within the village fabric and contributes to local understanding of character, quality and place.

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