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University of Cyprus | Nicosia

Environmentally led campus masterplan

Working with YRM Architects, Novell Tullett was commissioned to provide masterplanning and Environmental Statement for a new 4,000-student university campus located on a 100 hectare site in Cyprus which has been rigidly zoned for expansion of faculty, residential and leisure facilities. Detailed analysis of all environmental factors during the design process has led to a scheme which will cause the minimum of environmental damage while enhancing the local landscape and ecology.

The team’s approach was to survey in detail all the physical and planning factors which affected the chosen site and to assess their relative impact. Then, under the umbrella of an overall environmental strategy, to formulate separate strategies for a variety of topics, such as landscape and character, planning framework, hydrology and water, sporting requirements etc. In this way an environmentally led framework for the development control plan for the site was developed.

As part of ongoing work at the University, Novell Tullett are commissioned to review the success of the implemented landscape against the masterplan. This will include assessment of water recycling regimes in relation to planting viability, and updating landscape proposals in the environs of the new library building (Jean Nouvel).

Key features

  • Legible pedestrian priority environment
  • Site specific environmentally led masterplan responds to the local landscape
  • Mediterranean climate

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