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Sutton Courtenay | Oxfordshire

Preserving village character through landscape appraisal

Sutton Courtenay is a Thames-side village on the edge of Didcot. With the announcement that Didcot would expand by 15,000 homes to become a Garden Town, Sutton Courtenay was one of the surrounding villages which drew up Neighbourhood Plans to help control encroachment of development from the larger town. 

Our report was commissioned by Sutton Courtenay steering group to make a landscape appraisal of the Conservation Area and its setting, to evaluate the importance of the ‘green gaps’ on the village edge, and to identify key views which should be preserved.

The analysis involved defining village character areas, landscape typologies and potential threats which helped the community understand the elements that gave Sutton Courtenay its identity and a hierarchy of importance when making planning decisions.

Key features

  • Preventing coalescence
  • Defining valuable green space

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