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St John’s Gate | Bristol

A fitting end to a Georgian terrace

Novell Tullett was invited to take a fresh look at a complex residential proposal after it was turned down on landscape grounds. The site was on a busy corner facing in three directions and the landscape had to work hard to unite new townhouses at the end of a Georgian street, an apartment block facing a supermarket car park and modern townhouses in a back alley, all within one scheme. A culvert running under half the site also proved a huge restriction to planting and furniture.

Three new entrances were created to connect the site with key destinations, and the boundary railings were moved to bring isolated trees within the garden. The new Georgian-style houses were given long formal strips of front garden to reflect the narrow frontages, giving way to informal sunny gravel planting in shallow soil over the culvert. The alley was redesigned as a shared space with trees and planters controlling illegal parking, making a more welcoming footpath.

Architect: Alec French Associates

Key features

  • Xeriscape garden in an inhospitable environment
  • Harnessing architectural rhythm
  • Making space for pedestrians

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