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Portishead Pill Railway | Metro West

A more sustainable link between Bristol and Portishead through Pill would be provided.

The rail line between Bristol and Portishead through Pill has long been derelict, closed as part of the reduction of railway infrastructure across the country from the 1920s to the 1960s.  The National Infrastructure Project that will see the reinstatement of the line through the Clifton Gorge, along the disused route to Pill and then on newly aligned rails to Portishead will entail the building of two new stations and approximately 8 miles of railway line.  It will supply a need to transport people into Bristol city, alleviating traffic on the Portbury Hundred and the A369 and providing a more sustainable link between the coast and Bristol.

Working with Arup, Novell Tullett has completed the landscape scheme to the Bristol to Portishead branch line.  The scheme snaking along the Avon Gorge will reinstate the railway line linking Bristol to the coast, with new stations at Pill and Portishead.  In doing so the entirely native species planting will bring maximum biodiversity to the railway line context.

The gorge remains largely untouched by the works save for a few areas of site compound that will be reinstated with their existing flora.  This means that the fragile vegetation of the SSSI will be preserved and the wonderful views of the river winding through the steeply sided gorge will be a key part of the experience as passengers’ journey nears the Bristol terminus.

Key features

  • Sustainable transport link
  • Landscape restoration

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