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Platts Eyot | Hampton

Dynamic landscape design responding to the character of the two disparate ends of the island

Platts Eyot, an island in the River Thames near Richmond, was formerly a boat building yard for Thorneycroft in the First World War. Substantially derelict now, the site comprises a mix of established woodland and former boat houses. The site lies within a conservation area, partly within the Green Belt and all the remnant structures and boat houses are listed grade II*.

Novell Tullett’s design responded to the character of the two disparate areas identified. At the east end, the predominantly urban quayside, with its wharves and buildings close to the river, will be retained. A series of new urban spaces will form the setting to the historic boatyards, buildings of townscape merit and new residential buildings. Along the quayside, the focus of activity will remain the river, with boat building, dockside and river moorings being retained amongst the proposed new uses.

In contrast to the historic boatyards and quayside, the western plateau of the island has a softer, wooded and secluded character that will be enhanced by the proposals. A second element of new residential development will be centrally located, well contained by existing mature trees and placed within a green setting. The balance of buildings to open space has been carefully considered to retain a feeling of openness with strong links to the Green Belt at the west end of the island.

Key features

  • Conservation Area
  • Listed buildings
  • Unique island redevelopment site

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