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Nursery Gardens | Somerset

Much-needed housing for a rural village

The site was a former plant nursery and bungalow in a village setting surrounded by hills. After a planning application was rejected, Novell Tullett was brought in to carry out an LVIA and to design a landscape scheme which fitted the organic nature of the village.  

Our team carried out a design review of the village, recording vernacular materials and character, building scale and orientation to the street. This was emulated within the site constraints to create softly curving roads, swales and soft margins, low stone walls and hedges and a courtyard with trees to introduce a rural informality.  

An LVIA showed that the northern edge of the plot protruded into the wider landscape, resulting in a final scheme of ten houses which protected that important village edge.  

Developer: Shepperton Homes

Key features

  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Rural housing design
  • Use of vernacular materials

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