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Keynsham Civic Centre | Keynsham

Highly acclaimed council offices and external space

A decade ago Keynsham had a reputation as Bath’s poor relation with its 1960s council offices and struggling high street. The town now has a new sense of civic pride following investment in a striking council building and public library flanked by retail.  

It was the perfect opportunity to form a new street layout which reconnected all parts of the town from the riverside to the high street, bringing everything together in a market square in front of the library. As much as 50% of the site was given over to public realm.  

The scheme has won many accolades including the British Council for Offices’ Best of the Best award 2015 which noted: “The orientation and layout of the building creates a well-integrated streetscape whilst adding valuable retail and amenity space to stimulate the revival of the High Street. 

Architect: Aedas Bristol 

Key features

  • Redevelopment of council offices and new shopping streets 
  • Unites local park with town centre 
  • Key market place in Keynsham terminates
  • High Street Successful placemaking 

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