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Holsworthy | Devon

A new cattle market with minimum impact on a green field site

The relocation of the cattle market and ancillary uses to a new site north of Holsworthy was the subject of an Environmental Impact Assessment which Novell Tullett managed and edited as part of their work for Torridge District Council.

Working with Grainge Architects, Novell Tullett developed the scheme for the new cattle market to minimise the impact on the green field site, conserve existing protected species and provide new opportunities for wildlife in the construction of new wetlands, open meadows, woodlands and hedgerows. A landscape and visual impact assessment in conjunction with the landscape design carried out by NT were part of the studies carried out to look for ways of reducing the impact of the building development.

Managing the translocation of the reptiles and drawing up strategies for the environmental construction plan and ecological management plan were also part of our remit.

Key features

  • A new cattle-market
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Water sensitive design
  • Wildlife friendly

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