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Haberfield House | Bristol

A landscape for the senses

The mental and physical benefits of being in a garden are well recognised and were central to Bristol Charities’ aspirations for a new almshouse for the elderly, some with dementia conditions. Our strategy was to provide an easily navigable circular route linking all the building entrances, surrounding three enclosed garden rooms, promoting feelings of safety and familiarity.

Each garden was given a strong identity: a brick-paved growing area with a greenhouse, potting shed and raised planters; a resin-bound gravel labyrinth walk, lined with scented plants, winding to a central fountain; and a communal stone dining terrace surrounded by colourful and scented planting.

Architect: Alec French Architects  Bristol

Key features

  •  Sensitively designed for dementia needs
  •  Sensory gardens for growing and nurturing older people
  •  Highly detailed spaces to provide comfort and identity

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