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Faircharm Creative Quarter | Deptford

Creekside urban space responds to tidal influence

The Faircharm Creative Quarter is located on Deptford Creek at the junction of the footpath, railway and Docklands Light Railway that slides between historic Greenwich and busy, diverse Deptford. It is a hidden and ever-changing world of tidal water, sucking mud, industrial debris and nature secretly flourishing.

To complement workshops upgraded for the creative industries and new residential blocks, we formed a series of courtyards with a palette of tough, functional materials such as concrete and timber, clay and crushed aggregate. We created conditions to encourage natural vegetation to colonise which could withstand the occasional crushing by maintenance vehicles.  Natural play with logs and timber structures, for a new residential population was provided within a wider space overlooked by the DLR. 

Architect: Karakusevic Carton Architects  London

Key features

  • Unique creekside ecology
  • Compatible biodiversity in diverse structures
  • Creative hub and alternative community
  • Tight urban grain enclosing courtyard spaces
  • Natural play integrated with wider open space

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