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Crown Walk | Taunton

Reimagining a shopping precinct

Taunton’s historic High Street was negatively impacted by the 20th century Crown Walk shopping centre which was unfit for modern shopping habits, being deprived of natural light and run down.

A new design was submitted which created an open-air public route from the main street to the car park behind, with shops either side and new storeys added above for flats. The building style drew inspiration from the traditional narrow burgage plots which were set back from the road.

Our Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment looked at the new height and massing against Taunton’s distinctive church spire-filled skyline within a bowl of surrounding hills, and tested the proposed design against the surrounding city character.


Architect: Grayscale Architecture and Design

Key features

  • New city centre living
  • Enhanced public realm
  • Inspiration from historic architecture
  • Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment

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