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Broadway Assisted Living | Cotswolds

Village life in inspiring countryside

Located in a sensitive site on the edge of a village in the Cotswolds AONB, the response to landscape was at the heart of the design for an Assisted Living Village.

A detailed analysis of views helped determine which areas to preserve for landscape and where to site housing. This led to a design which pulled the surrounding countryside into the site with trees and meadow planting to break up development. It also retained green space at its heart in the form of a village green around existing trees. This connected to a communal terrace and lounge, as well as a growing garden for residents.

Contemporary bungalows around small courtyards helped to foster a sense of community with seating, trees, planting and spaces to meet. The resulting pattern of clusters of buildings within groups of trees emulated the surrounding landscape character.

Materials were inspired by the local geology and architecture and included Cotswold stone, granite and informal aggregate paths. Stone walls were used to create special features such as a stone and timber seat with a bank of rare limestone loving plants from the AONB.

Key features

  • Shared green space and semi-private courtyards foster community building

  • Legible layout with distinctive features helps wayfinding¬†

  • Use of local materials and plants ground new development in its surroundings

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