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Blundell’s School | Tiverton

Blundell’s School landscape masterplan

Blundell’s School is typical of many independent schools which have outgrown their original buildings and grown piecemeal over the years. This can result in drop-off and parking problems, conflict between cars and pedestrians, poor site legibility and a general erosion of a school’s best landscape qualities.

As part of our bespoke landscape audit service, we analysed the character, layout and uses of the Blundell’s estate in order to understand its issues and highlight opportunities to resolve them.

We identified nine different school character areas, each with their own functions, architecture and planting styles. We proposed further strategies to investigate how each area could be strengthened and better defined; how a new materials palette could define space and prioritise pedestrian movement; and to improve the appearance of the entrance spaces.

Our Landscape and Transport Design for School Estates is a new service offered by Novell Tullett in conjunction with Hydrock transport engineers.

Key features

  • Landscape character analysis
  • Strategy for redefining entrances
  • Landscape masterplan

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