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Baltic Wharf | Totnes, Devon

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment informing regeneration

Novell Tullett undertook Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment to inform the design of this mixed use/residential development on the banks of the River Dart in Totnes. An important part of the regeneration of this former dockyard area is to ensure continued enjoyment of the adjacent public rights of way.

Part of the Dart Valley and John Musgrave Heritage Trail runs centrally north-south through the site with a further public right of way located on high ground to the south-west, this affords fantastic views over the site to the river and into the Dart Valley. Of equal importance are views from the river itself with passing leisure and business river traffic going to and from Totnes.  Novell Tullett’s evaluation of the landscape sensitivities and viewsheds involved helped shape the layout of the residential proposals. 

Key features

  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Dockyard regeneration
  • Great place to live

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