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Somerset nature connections

Nature reserve

Just today the first of 5 national nature reserves to commemorate King Charles III’s coronation was announced. The Lincolnshire NNR will cover sand dunes, saltmarsh, mudflats and freshwater marshes, safeguarding nature for plants and animals while also supporting the local economy as visitors flock to the area to learn more about species that are under threat.

Last year the super nature reserve that links Bridgwater Bay across the Steart Marshes over the Somerset levels towards Ham Wall, close to Glastonbury, was announced. Four more national nature reserves will be designated this year.

Novell Tullett has started work on a new nature reserve adjoining existing WWT land in the same Somerset zone as the super NNR.  Opportunities for city dwellers to get close to nature are scarce. Our client’s reserve will consolidate a broad swathe of land running into the town to allow nearby residential populations not only the benefit of proximity to nature, but also better pedestrian connections through open land to the town centre without needing to use urban roads.

Connected landscapes with a greater gene pool, and more diversity of species, make the most robust ecosystems not only for flora and fauna but also for ourselves.



Somerset Wetlands National Nature Reserve:


National Nature Reserves in England - GOV.UK (


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