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Milford Haven landscape masterplan

A former railway line connecting the port of Milford Haven to a branch line, left derelict for decades was reopened as a pedestrian and cycle route giving access to a completely reimagined harbour development. The route would also connect the station and Quay Stores, a redeveloped historic building, converted to a multi-purpose venue, café and associated public space.

The cliff immediately adjoining the former railway line forms an important bat foraging and commuting route between two SACs of European nature conservation significance.

Novell Tullett was part of the masterplanning team working on the Milford Waterfront site since 2016, and was then commissioned by the Port to provide detailed project proposals for the public spaces, the adaption and enhancement of the bat sensitive, pedestrian route and the wider landscape strategy.  This project is currently tendered with commencement on site in autumn 2020.

The scheme involved an holistic, nature conservation-sensitive approach to the creation of new open spaces linked by the pedestrian/cycle route.  Historic use and heritage character of the town were identified as key criteria that are of value to local people and visitors alike. The contemporary energy industry also forms a strong part of the town’s wider setting, so referring to history and energy was important within the design strategy.  The designed route uses sustainable drainage methods; low level, movement sensitive lights to reduce the night-time impact of pedestrian use; and native planting to enhance the viability of pollinators and insect diversity to support local bat populations. New public space is planted with multi-stemmed, native trees to increase canopy surface for bat orientation and habitat, and local, natural materials will form the paved surfaces.

Bat barn (bat roost) proposals are part of Natural Resources Wales funded work, within detailed landscape and ecological management plans and conditional discharge through Pembrokeshire CC planning.

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