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At Novell Tullett we understand how transformational landscape can affect people's quality of life. Our ethos has always been to strive for multi-layered design to external space, solutions that deliver environmental benefits while supporting human health and well being.

We love the outside and we want to communicate our joy in its myriad possibilities through our design of public space. 

we like you to see space differently

The interplay of natural and man made features is what make places special.  Looking for the quirks of place and understanding their importance requires sensitivity and subtlety. 

Before we design, we spend time listening to our client's aspirations.  We map the site, seeking out the peculiarities of the location and we like to illustrate our process carefully.  If our scheme is robustly founded on the site's characteristics and this can be illustrated, then we can communicate our intention fully and it is important that design is intelligible. 

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